Lunchtime Assistant vacancy

Yeadon Westfield Junior School have a vacancy for a Lunchtime Assistant.  Please see their website under vacancies for full details of the post.  The closing date for applications is Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 12 noon.

Welcome Back!

The summer holidays and all that sunshine are but a fading memory now as our schools move into the next academic year and the weather turns autumnal.  Hopefully all the children who have started new schools are settling in to their new routines and all the staff and ch...Read more

Happy Summer Holidays!

Another year is drawing to a close and what a year it has been.  Schools have been busy working together to deliver some fantastic learning for their children.  They have also provided a wealth of opportunities to the children in after-school and lunchtime clubs in a ...Read more

Thank you for the wonderful Art

The exhibition as a whole was a great success and was enjoyed by many generations of the community.  Thank you to all the teachers for their enthusiasm and to the Art Department at Guiseley School for  running the workshops and helping schools with their ideas, to all...Read more

Anita Bowerman visits the exhibition

The exhibition was open during the daytime but we also opened late on the Tuesday evening to allow more of the local community to view the art.  Anita Bowerman, official artist of the Tour de Yorkshire 2015 gave a presentation about her own recycled art and her use of ...Read more

The Adults’ Views of the Art

The many visitors we had were very impressed by what they saw and the phrases "Very good" and "Fantastic" were commonly heard.  The exhibits prompted discussion about recycling and disposal of rubbish, an issue that is at the forefront of the news at the current time....Read more

Visitors to the Exhibition

Visitors to the exhibition were very impressed by the work that they saw.  Many people came to see the work that their children's school had made and that of other schools but also many visitors came from the local community so see the talents of our young people.

The childrens’ view of the exhibition

When the children came to visit with their schools, in addition to contributing to the large piece of ocean themed art, they also had time to look at the work the other schools had made for the exhibition.  Some children were fascinated by information which was display...Read more

School visits to the Art Exhibition

All twelve schools visited the exhibition with small groups of children to contribute to a large piece of art which was produced over the 2 days.  An ocean scene was made by using different painting techniques to form the backdrop and by using plastic bottles to make j...Read more

Community Art Exhibition

From the 19th-20th June 2018 we held our annual art exhibition at Guiseley Methodist Church.  All the schools belonging to the Trust produced fantastic pieces of art based on the theme "Recycled Art".