Inspiring our future leaders

Recently, six members of  the Queensway School Council paid a visit to the Palace of Westminster in London to meet  local MP, Greg Mulholland. The meeting, held within one of the Parliamentary meeting rooms where they had the opportunity to  focus on the role of MPs and their impact on decision making as well as  questions about democracy and politics in general.

It was a very inspiring event for the children which helped them to understand the democratic government system and how this relates to their role as school councillors. In addition to learning about our democracy and watching the Commons from the public gallery, the children also enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Parliament, a ride on the London Eye and sightseeing in our capital city.

Greg Mulholland said: “It was a huge pleasure welcoming the Queensway School Council to Parliament. It was inspiring to meet a group of young councillors who were so keen to learn and to use what they had learnt in their own roles representing fellow pupils at Queensway.

We had an excellent discussion. They were very keen to learn about Parliament and how it operates, and we discussed democracy and representing people. I hope that they have learnt a lot from the visit and that it has inspired them to carry on doing their best to represent their peers and to change things for the better. It is great to see how seriously they take their role as school councillors and I hope that it has inspired them to carry on in that role and perhaps one day to stand for Parliament too.”

Queensway Headteacher Alun Davies said: “It was both an exciting and inspiring day which will raise the children’s aspirations. They were able to gain experiences which they will never encounter in the classroom and create memories which will last a lifetime. We are very grateful to Greg for organising the tour of The Palace of Westminster and for being generous with his time to help the children have an amazing day. They are now being challenged to use their experience to inspire other children in school.”

Queensway at Parliament 2                                              Queensway and the Eye  Queensway in the tube

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